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Perhaps not Jun Lin, blessedly. “we came to the conclusion that definitely it wasn’t your.”

Perhaps not Jun Lin, blessedly. “we came to the conclusion that definitely it wasn’t your.”

So Feng called authorities to report his ex missing out on, so that them understand ID had been wrong.

As legal features heard, the orifice 53 mere seconds regarding the video illustrate twoqueens social dating website another Asian people furthermore sure and tied up on Magnotta’s bed, where in fact the criminal activity allegedly occurred. Lin looks afterwards during the video, for ten full minutes.

Then Leclair started their cross-examination of Feng — flown in from China to testify, dressed up in a conservative gray fit, looking like the 35-year-old specialist that he is — establishing with a bewildering, preemptive apology.

“I would like to promote my personal sympathies for you the losing your friend. Personally I think detrimental to you and your friend. And this this isn’t concerning your buddy. The demo is about the state of mind of Mr. Magnotta.”

Then it turned exactly about Jun Lin.

“I can’t feel I’m hearing this,” objected Bouthillier, exactly who complained that Leclair ended up being generating an announcement rather than posing concerns.

Astonishingly, it what sounded similar to a thinly veiled possibility rather a query — the kind of numbers authorities investigators routinely pull on suspects when attempting to elicit a confession — Leclair considered the observe: “I want to chat to you so it’s very clear where I’m going, that i’ve many details about (Jun Lin).

“The a lot more your volunteer, more i need to face your.”

Exactly what Feng had testified under direct is he and Lin got never ever involved with slavery, that Lin have never took part in gay social media while they happened to be collectively, but he understood Lin had a Grindr accounts. To his understanding, Feng included, the internet site represented partially nude men.

“Full front nudity?” questioned Leclair.

“Impossible. Just semi-nude.”

Feng said he’d accompanied Lin toward Montreal homosexual dance club, the air Barr, on just one event. He stated knowing nothing about men, “Emile,” Lin got allegedly met there, with who he’d afterwards communicated via Skype, only time after Feng kept for Asia, and therefore they’d have gender.

“Does that surprise your?” Leclair asked.

Feng: “We have split during that time currently, so he previously all his versatility.”

Leclair persisted: “I’m telling your that there’s several things you did not realize about Lin Jun.”

Jury on. Jury in.

Feng later said he had no recall of Lin publishing an image of themselves on Valentine’s time in 2012, with purple hair and broken teeth underneath the name “My home Portrait”, though Lin may have done this.

Leclair additionally suggested that Jun Lin, a Concordia University scholar working part time as a convenience store clerk, had been things of a kept man. Feng compensated the rent and provided Lin money occasionally for foods, the observe agreed.

Feng would not reject informing police, in a 2012 interview, about Lin: “he is able to attach with complete visitors.”

But this, Feng stressed, got an observation produced about his ex-lover after they’d broken up. When with each other, he insisted their own commitment was actually monogamous.

After noting many of the porn videos that Lin downloaded, Leclair place the concern bluntly on observe: “Did the guy have any curiosity about S & M (sado-masochism)?”

“During the time I found myself with your, he wouldn’t reveal any fascination with this at all,” Feng responded.

Leclair started showing Feng visual stills from one on the films, Extreme Pleasures repayments Feng got certainly disappointed because of the imagery presented, imploring the judge: “Do i need to view these photos?”

Leclair place the question once more. “Are your swearing under oath he never ever discussed to you about anything to create with S & M?”

Feng: “we confirm that.”

At 5 p.m., the experience is finished here, reserved for a journey the home of Beijing Thursday.

A person who’d treasured a guy and remained real to his memory space within the terrible shine of a pitiless kill demo.

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